Guangzhou Weijian Animal Hospital

15 years of professional state-run pet hospital Pets outbound, Guangzhou city dog ​​registration acceptance commission
Registered office: (8620)87602354
Tianhe Branch office: (8620)38847137
Liwan Branch office: (020)81334130
Pet (cats and dogs) outbound services
Guangzhou Bureau of comprehensive technical service center comprehensive testing laboratory
Guangzhou Animal Husbandry Corporation
Subordinate Unit
The state-owned unit belongs to the pet hospital, more than 15 years brand chain hospital
Preventive Medicine
High-end custom pet medical services

1. Diagnose service

a. Hematology Analyzer

b. Ultrasonic B

c. X-ray

d. Electrocardiogram(ECG)

e. Blood-pressure Check

f.  Urinalyses

g. Cytological Examination

h. Biopsy

i.  Traditional Chinese Medicine

2. Pets Immigration Medical Examination3. Pet Training4. Pet Food Supplies5. Pet Beauty

Founded in: · 2002 - present
Top purpose:
· pet-priented,be professional and focus,sincere service
Our Advantages:
· More than 15 years of brand hospital chain
Pets Immigration Medical Examination (dogs and cats)
· State Enterprise
· Guangzhou Animal Husbandry Corporation Subsidiary
· Preventive medicine
Our top purpose:pet-priented, be professional and focus, sincere service!
    Guangzhou Weijian Animal Hospital Co., Ltd was founded by a joint venture between Guangzhou City Animal Husbandry General Company and Hong Kong justice Mr. Chen Guowei. Guangzhou Weijian Animal Hospital was established in 2002, it is a pet based animal diagnosis and treatment institution with professional and high quality service.      
    The hospital is one of the earliest established animal hospitals in Guangzhou and is now the governing unit of the Guangzhou Small Animal Association. The hospital has always been adhering to the rigorous and realistic scientific attitude and the purpose of practicing medicine with integrity and refinement. It is fully committed to the research and clinical treatment of pet diseases and has a good reputation and reputation in the pet medical industry in Guangzhou. At the same time, our institute is the designated unit for Guangzhou pets to go abroad for medical examinations, Guangzhou city dog registration acceptance commission and rabies vaccination.The hospital has a full set of international top animal blood analyzers, biochemical analyzers, emergency instruments and other laboratory equipment, also has digital X-ray machines, b-ultrasound, inhalation anesthesia machines, dental consoles, blood pressure monitors and other international high-end animal medical equipment.        
    The hospital has always attached importance to personnel training and reserves. It has several veterinarians with postgraduate qualifications and undergraduate degrees, accompanied by a number of caring veterinarian assistants, hired domestic well-known animal medical experts as medical consultants, and formed a strong medical team to ensure disease. Diagnosis and efficacy. Our hospital has advanced technology and rich experience in orthopaedics, surgery, internal medicine, cardiology and other fields, especially in the diagnosis and treatment of liver and kidney and other internal diseases.            
     In order to meet the needs of pets and pet owners, Tianhe Branch was established in December 2010, the East China General Hospital was expanded and updated in September 2014, and Liwan Branch was established in October 2015.       
     All walks of life are welcome to continue to pay attention and visit our hospital.
Weijian Animal Hospital
TELL:  Registered office: (8620)87602354
         Tianhe Branch office: (8620)38847137
         Liwan Branch office: (8620)81334130
Pets lmmigration Medical Examination
Advanced customization
Preventive Medicine
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