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出 境 流 程



(1) 是否需要注射芯片

(2) 是否需要检查狂犬抗体滴度,以及对实验室资质是否有要求

(3) 对疫苗是否有特别的要求

(4) 对驱虫是否有特别的要求

(5) 是否有另外的表格需要填写

(6) 是否有签发证书、驱虫等有效期的时间要求

(7) 是否有入境前的等待时间要求

*中国政府要求大于 90 日龄的宠物离境前需完成狂犬疫苗免疫且在免疫有效期内,请提供官方认证之狂犬疫苗接种证明(如:广州市犬只免疫证明);



(1) 确认航班出发及目的地,如中转是否需要入境第三国

(2) 确认宠物运输的方式(随主人进机舱?托运?货运?)

(3) 准备合适的航空运输容器(航空箱或软包)

3、出境日期前 7 天,带齐所需资料到店进行体检

(1) 疫苗注射记录及官方认证之狂犬疫苗接种证明

(2) 狂犬抗体滴度报告(如有)

(3) 携带者护照或复印件

(4) 入境地区所需资料(如有)

(5) 体内外驱虫药(如自带驱虫药,请先确认入境地区认可该产品)


(1) 带齐资料自行前往广州海关办理

(2) 委托我院代办(提前五天以上,需要收取代办费用)


费用(以下项目价格均未含挂号费) 芯片材料(ISO/标准版):¥350


狂犬免疫证明 ¥20


(1) 长春兽医研究所(OIE 认证): ¥1500

(2) 德国实验室(GISSEN):¥3500

(3) 抽血及样品制备:¥800

(4) 办理血清兽医卫生证书:¥300





代办动物卫生证书:¥400 (离境日期前 1-2 天拿到卫生证书)


加急/营业时间外服务:¥300 驱虫药价格根据体重而定

上门服务(服务时间从到达目的地时间开始计算,交通费用另计): 天河区、越秀区、荔湾区、海珠区:¥500/小时;其余区域:¥700/小时

Export Procedure

CAUTION: The information below refers to experience. As policies may change, please check the current information by an official way in advance.

1、Confirm entry requirement of destination (and transit?) country/region, including but not limited to:

(1) Microchip implantation

(2) Rabies antibody titration test and any requirement on testing laboratory

(3) Prescribed vaccination

(4) Prescribed anti-parasites treatment

(5) Additional paperwork

(6) Period of validity of certificate or anti-parasites treatment

(7) Waiting-period before entry

*According to the Chinese government, rabies vaccine is required for pets older than 90 days and should be valid before exporting. Rabies vaccine must be inoculated by a qualified veterinarian with the officially approved rabies certificate.

*Without record and official rabies certificate, another shot of rabies vaccine is required.

2、Confirm the following items with your airline before you book the ticket:

(1) The origin and destination of your flight(s), as well as the entry requirement if connecting via third country.

(2) Where your pet will be placed during the flight (In cabin or cargo hold? As luggage or cargo?)

(3) Pet container (air transport cage or bag) size and other requirement

3、Complete the examination 7 days prior to departure. Please bring the following document:

(1) Vaccination record with officially approved rabies certificate

(2) Rabies antibody titration test report (if any)

(3) Passport or passport copy of whom will be travelling with this pet

(4) Additional paperwork from destination (and transit) country/region (if any)

(5) External and internal anti-parasites treatment medicines (Please check with destination country/region in advance to see if BYO medicines are approved)

4、Getting the Health Certificate

(1) Visit the Guangzhou Custom with all required documents, to be done by yourself. OR

(2) Authorize us to obtain the certificate on your behalf. Authorization must be made at least 5 days prior to departure, a commission fee is payable for this service.


Price list (Consultation fee is NOT included)

Microchip (ISO/standard version) ¥350

Rabies vaccine ¥70

Rabies certificate ¥20

Rabies antibody titration test:

(1) Changchun Veterinary Research Institute (OIE approved) ¥1500


(3) Blood sampling ¥800

(4) Export certificate of serum ¥400

Vaccine of FPV,  FHV, FCV   ¥100

Vaccine of DHPPi2   ¥150

Vaccine of Lepto      ¥50  

Export body check   ¥1000

Additional paperwork ¥100

Urgent and out of hours services   ¥300

Health certificate commission fee ¥300

The price of anti-parasites treatment depends on the actual weight of your pet.

Visiting service (Billing starts at arrival time and transportation fee is NOT included): Dist. Tianhe, Yuexiu, Liwan, Haizhu: ¥500/hour; other districts in Guangzhou: ¥700/hour

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