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15 years of professional state-run pet hospital Pets outbound, Guangzhou city dog ​​registration acceptance commission
Registered office: (8620)87602354
Tianhe Branch office: (8620)38847137
Liwan Branch office: (020)81334130
      Please call or Wechat customer service to consult your doctor before making an appointment .
Registered office:
(8620) 87602354
Tianhe Branch office:
(8620) 38847137
Liwan Branch office:
(8620) 81334130
Doctor Team

Xuezhen Lei  

Bachelor of South China Agricultural University

Doctor, Dean, Deputy Manager

     2011 graduated from South China Agricultural University College of Veterinary Medicine, Animal medical degree, China practicing veterinarians, after graduation has been engaged in small move in clinical work was experienced. Many occasions to the European Senior Veterinary Science Institute (ESAVS) training, specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases of dogs and cats and routine soft tissue surgery.

Wenzhe Zhang

Bachelor of Agriculture, South China Agricultural University

Doctor, Dean,

     In small animal practice for more than 5 years, love the movewas love life, good pet imaging, especially for B- there is some interest, has made many trips to Beijing and Qingdao science learning, and actively participated in a number of domestic

veterinary continue education classes away. Good at puppies disease, the main

direction of small animal medicine and soft tissue surgery .

Haojun Hu

Bachelor of South China Agricultural University

Doctor, Dean,

     Graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine, South China Agricultural University,

with a degree in veterinary medicine , and a practicing veterinarian in China. During

undergraduate reading began to take contact clinical small animal, small animal after graduation has been engaged in clinical work for. The training direction is cats, especially cat behavior.

Shen, plus the first Asian cat behavior trainer foundation classes, European veterinary School of

Advanced Medicine (ESAVS) and other domestic and professional courses.

Zhisheng Su

Bachelor of Agriculture, South China Agricultural University

Director of Surgery Center

      Since graduation has been committed to the small animal clinical care, diagnosis and treatment work for, have rich clinical experience in diagnosis and treatment and solid professional foundation, and love small animals, has participated in multiple

national pet physician training and academic exchange large meeting, Research on

small animal imaging and orthopedic surgery has accumulated a wealth of

knowledge and clinical experience .

Jiaxin Yan

Bachelor's degree in Small Animal Medicine, South China Agricultural University


     After graduating in small animal clinical work for more than four years, love

animals, and actively participate in the domestic pet physician continuing education

courses, specializes in small animals within the department, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases, skin diseases, current research directions for small animals

WM treatment. The main direction is small animal medicine.

Nijie Huang

Guangdong Vocational College of Science and Trade


     After graduating, he has been engaged in the clinical diagnosis and treatment of small animals for more than 3 years. He has won the first prize of the “South China Veterinary Medicine Cup”

veterinary skill contest. He loves animals, loves learning, and actively participates in domestic

veterinary continuing education learning courses, especially for cat behavior. interested. Current

research side to the feline for the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Good at cat diseases, small

animal soft tissue surgery .

Jinhui Huang

Huanong Animal Medicine Bachelor Degree


      After graduating in 2015 has been engaged in clinical small animal, to move objects have love,

have been involved in European high Veterinary level college Ma drunk Course Series. Since the

choice of mate move was in relation to phase in their lives for a short gave them proper care and

attention. Animal than human language classes language words more vague unknown, asshould

veterinary workers through clinical practice to speak for the animals, improve animal welfare . It

focuses on small animal soft tissue surgery, anesthesia and pain management .

Weijian Animal Hospital
TELL:  Registered office: (8620)87602354
         Tianhe Branch office: (8620)38847137
         Liwan Branch office: (8620)81334130
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