Guangzhou Weijian Animal Hospital

15 years of professional state-run pet hospital Pets outbound, Guangzhou city dog ​​registration acceptance commission
Registered office: (8620)87602354
Tianhe Branch office: (8620)38847137
Liwan Branch office: (020)81334130
Preventive Medicine
Preventive Medicine
Preventive Medicine

Export Procedure

Make regular physical examinations for pets

We do not recommend that pet owners feed their dogs with their own table food.

Create the body's first line of defense

Adopt pets instead of buying them.

What are the common parasites in dogs?

Timely discovery and prevention

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Weijian Animal Hospital
TELL:  Registered office: (8620)87602354
         Tianhe Branch office: (8620)38847137
         Liwan Branch office: (8620)81334130
Pets lmmigration Medical Examination
Advanced customization
Preventive Medicine
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